Name: Matadi Oliver Rapulana 
Current Activity: BA Honours (Organisational Psychology) 
Institution: University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) 

2011 is the year in which I completed my matric at Kgadimo High School situated in a very remote area called Mafefe in Limpopo Province. I have always dreamt of becoming a lawyer as such I applied for it at the University of Johannesburg, but unfortunately my application was rejected owing to bad Grade 11 results. After completing my matric I went to StarSchools to upgrade my Maths and Science marks which I passed very well. I then enrolled at Wits in 2013 to study BSc (general) with majors in Chemistry and Psychology. After my first year I realised that I am not really excelling very well with science related courses as such I decided add Archaeology in place of Chemistry as my other major in order to proceed with my degree. I fell in so much love with Psychology and I also realised that I possess some qualities of psychologists. I graduated this year with my with a BSc degree with majors in Psychology & Archaeology and I am currently studying towards my Honours degree in Organisational Psychology. 

Future Prospects 
My aim is to become a registered Organisational Psychologist under the Health Professions Council of South Africa. This will enable me to open my own private practice which will be aimed at providing its expertise to organisations especially black-owned. I am so passionate about helping people who are in need as such my ultimate goal is to establish my own foundation which will be able to assist my fellow brothers and sisters back home with different opportunities. My name alone is not enough legacy to leave on our beautiful land, but my works will go a long even after I have left this beautiful land of ours. 

Roles and Awards 
2016 - Present, leader at Faculty of Best Advisory (FBA) 
2014, Certificate of First Class in Psychological Research Design and Analysis 2A, Wits University.
2014, Certificate of First Class in Psychological Research Design and Analysis 2B, Wits University 
2015, Certificate of First Class in Employee Wellbeing 3, Wits University 

I have so much love for choral music, as such I always ensure that I go to church for choir rehearsals. 
Getting up to date with current affairs is also something I do through reading, watching and listening to news.

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