Our Developmental Programme 

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent & ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps you bring it out of you.” – Bob Proctor.

Our prodigies guide, support and challenge the protégées to develop in the following aspects:

1. Academic Excellence

Objective: To encourage, advice, guide and challenge the mentee to strive and achieve academic excellence. Including, supporting the mentee to make a successful transition from high school to university.

- Review the mentee’s academic progress to date

- Facilitate the goal setting process for academic achievement 

- Diagnosis of mentee’s strengths and weaknesses

- Discuss ways to maximize on the strengths and ways to compensate for the weaknesses to ensure excellent academic achievement

2. Career Guidance & Goal Setting 

Objective: To expose the mentee to varied environments that will assist them to make better career choices. Including, coaching the mentee on goal setting, principles and efficacy. 

- Coach the mentee on goal setting and assist them to develop personal principles in line with their values.

- Take A Mentee to Varsity Day: This is the day when the mentor would take a mentee to his/her university, it is a day long experience to give a mentee the feel of university life, as a way to inspire and encourage the mentee to work harder to be able to gain entrance to the top university.

- Arrange Career Meet-Ups between the mentee and someone who is studying what the mentee would like to study.

- Tag A Mentee: That is the initiative to expose a mentee to a variety of industries through taking him or her along to the key events, seminars & conferences that could be helpful to the mentee.

3. Guide the mentee into Self-Discovery 

Objective: To assist the mentee to be self-conscious and aware of their true-self (character, values & personality); and to coach the mentee on Emotional Intelligence, Self-Control and Discipline. This is critical to ensuring that the mentee performs to their greatest pontential and abilities.

4. Guide the Mentee to Develop Success Habits

Objective: To guide the mentee into an outstanding and exceptional young person. This will be achieved through curating their attitude and philosophy to assist them to develop the necessary habits for success. This is facilitated through a rich resources and solicited accountability and consistency from the mentee.

5. Guidance into Entrepreneurship, Leadership and or Political Pursuits

Objective: To guide the mentee develop strong foundations in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and or Politics (depending on their interest). The mentee shall be given basic guidelines on how to develop in each of these areas. The ultimate outcome is to see the mentee actively involved in one of these options and excelling in that area.

6. Develop Mentee’s Networking Skills and People’s Skills

Objective: To demonstrate the importance of strong social network, and share the lessons on how to build a strong social network. In addition, guide the mentee to appreciate people’s skills and how to develop this particularly pivotal skill.