Name: Refilwe Matlhoko 

Current: LLB Law 
Institution: University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) 


I am very passionate about interests of the society including their Socio-Economic and most importantly Human Rights. I am a Proud Graduate and Alumni for Global Leadership Program 2014 JHB, Common Purpose. I am currently involved as a Chairperson of a registered NGO Civil Youth Institute, and also studying towards a Project Management Certificate at Wits University. I am a senior mentor for a program called At Risk Mentoring, holding two certificates, from 2015. I am currently on a pilot project of mentoring 3 blind students; it is a great challenge for me that definitely is meant to help me grow as a mentor to also identify the needs beyond my scope of understanding. 

Future Prospects 
After Graduation, I am looking into working as an advocate for social rights. I am also starting my company with an objective of youth empowerment and skills development. I am very passionate about education; I am therefore going to also start a trust fund aiming to help learners with varsity applications, registration fees and any other upfront payment required. There is still a lot more to come through. I am also looking into traveling the world and learning more about how we can overcome youth unemployment and skills shortage 

Year role Organization 
2014 – 2015 Secretary for Thari e ntsho (Tswana student society)
2014 – 2017 chairperson CYI
2017 -  senior mentor, At Risk Mentoring. 
2017 - Managing Director PnP MENTORS 
2016 - DATE: Motivational speaker


Graduate for GLE common purpose, 2014. 
Two certificates from Mentoring at Wits 2015, 2016.
Chairperson of Civil Youth Institute.
Distinction in African Languages wits (2013)
Attending the IYLC, Dubai, upon recommendation.

I am more than interested in the needs of our youth, I solely believe that the future of our country is in the hands of the young ones who are coming through, growing and transitioning to becoming full adults and discovering their potential. I am interested in being the youth ambassador in a sense that I create a platform that is going to give our young people to come forward with their grievances, their daily challenges, and ultimately come up with institutions and strategies that will help them overcome these obstacles. Also harness social cohesion and nation building with awareness of issues that marginalize the youth from any other member of the society.