Name: Sifiso Sithebe
Current: Bachelor of Education (fourth year)
Institution: University of the Witwatersrand (Wits)

I am from the East rand, also known as Ekurhuleni, in a small township called Goba. I matriculated in 2012 with an admission for a bachelor’s degree. In 2013, I had to take a gap year because I did not have a sponsor to fund my tertiary education and I have to admit that my mistake was applying late. While patiently waiting for the year 2013 to end so I can go to University to further my studies, I was tutoring grade 12’s in maths. My application for funding finally became successful in 2014 so I went on to start with my studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. Initially, I wanted to pursue a B.Sc degree in property studies (a degree that would be introduced the same year), but I was short of one point so I did not qualify for that degree and therefore had to go for my other option, the Bachelor of Education. I am passionate about my current field of study, but this does not nullify the strong interest I had and still have for property, particularly the business side of it (developing/renting and investing).

Future Prospects
After graduation, I am looking to gain some experience working as an educator as this is a necessary endeavour towards realising my ultimate vision. The ultimate vision is to establish a school that focuses on, Christian principles\values, leadership and entrepreneurship. I also believe that the experience I would have gained in property will come in handy at this stage. 

Leadership Roles at University
Year                          Role                                                                  Organization
2013-2014      Mission team Leader                       Christian Action Fellowship (CAF)
2014-2015     Secretary of the branch                   Christian Action Fellowship (CAF)
2015-2016     Executive committee member       Christian Action Fellowship (CAF)

• Awarded the Grade 7 outstanding learner Award
• Awarded for successful term of office & excellent service (CAF)
• Awarded for good leadership (CAF)
• Awarded for excellent participation in soccer (Esselen residence team)
• Won the premier league in the wits residences competition (Esselen residence team)

Business Profile
2010-2012 Beverage & Snack vendor: I was selling soft drinks and chocolates both at school and at home.
2013 I sold wors, I was buying in bulk from a reliable supermarket then selling to staff at shoprite where my sister works.
2014-2015 Network marketing: I was selling different kinds of cosmetics (i.e beauty products, beauty aids, skin care products) and energy drinks. Networking & recruiting people to join my business. I also winter hats and gloves.
2016 I sold muffins to University students
2017-Current We are working on registering and getting sponsors to fund our property & construction business. We are also working on raising capital through other small businesses such as catering.

I love reading, music and playing soccer, so most of my spare time is allocated to these three things. I read books on personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship and I also read newspapers. I listen to music and I am currently learning how to play chess.